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Hello and welcome to Reignite Your Relationship!

I’m so happy you are here, because if you choose to do this program, you most likely have discovered that there are some things you need to learn or do differently.

The best way that I can describe that internal pull you have felt is this...

Most of us were not taught how to cope with the things that life throws at us. We weren’t taught to deal with the emotions we experience during our first or even fifth break up, our parents divorce, or a sudden move. We weren’t taught how to face financial struggles or career obstacles. And, we certainly weren’t taught how to have healthy and productive interpersonal relationships.

Because of this, we hardly even know ourselves.

We operate and function solely based off what we have learned from our parents, teachers, aunts, uncles, friends, etc. Most of the time, their way of doing things won’t necessarily work for us. We adopt their beliefs and their behaviors as our own and continue on with life until one day… things just don’t work anymore.

We seek high and low for answers. We blame others. We break up. We move away. We do everything we think will help -- but we very rarely do the ONE thing that without a doubt WILL help.

That is to turn inward to ourselves.

Have you ever just stopped and asked yourself -- what do I actually believe in? Does this belief REALLY belong to me? Do I want to live my life this way? What do I REALLY want?

Well, that is what this program is about. This program is about really taking the time to re-evaluate yourself and determine:

  • what you believe in
  • what does and will continue to make you happy
  • what you want from yourself and your life
  • what you want from your partner.

In addition, this program is also about retraining the mind to be happier and healthier! It will teach you how to refocus your energy to be more positive and proactive, and you will learn new coping skills to deal with the life that we are forced to face out there.

Now, I want to tell you something. When we go through this process and go deep within the layers -- it can be a little scary.

You might face some belief system crashes where you realize that something you thought was one way your whole life just isn't. This probably won’t be the first time that has ever happened to you --- but it might be the first time that you are truly conscious of it enough to make proactive, life altering, POSITIVE changes.

Through this program, you will explore yourself deeply and productively. You will be posed with questions and exercises that help you really think about and discover what you want out of life.

From there, the program will take you into evaluating yourself and how it relates to your partner and relationship. It will help you see how you two can productively intertwine your beliefs, wants, and needs while still maintaining and respecting your individual selves.

So, get ready. Over the next 28 days, this program will help you learn to love yourself in ways that you never thought was possible or necessary. You will learn new, healthy emotional and mental coping skills that if done properly and productively --- will change and improve life as you know it!

So, let’s get started!

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